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Business Overview

The Meteorite Recovery Laboratory (MRL) consist of an all-volunteer force of researchers that are committed to searching, recovering and cataloging meteorites, as well as, preserving these meteorites. Samples of these meteorites are made to other researchers and institutions. The research conducted on the meteorites recovered by the MRL is used to provide a better understanding of the universe. Meteorites are rocks that hold clues as to how our solar system was formed. They also hold clues how we can best protect our Earth from a catastrophic impact with asteroids. In addition to telling us about their distant parent bodies, meteorites also tell us about the history of geological processes over the time period since they landed on the Earth. But once exposed to the Earths atmosphere, meteorites start to decompose, and all of their potential will be lost over time. It is for these reasons that the volunteer researchers of the Meteorite Recovery Laboratory devote their spare time to the recovery and preservation of meteorites and meteoritic specimens before their eventual decomposition.

Brands We Carry

"LA2" - the Los Angeles Mars-rock meteorite - found and made available to scientists for research on the planet Mars.

Products and Services

Specializing in California/Nevada Meteorite-recovery, sample cutting, classification, formal nomenclature approval and brokering of cataloged meteorites.

Additional Information

If your find wasn't found in California/Nevada/Arizona - then here is a link to a highly competent colleague in Alaska who can be of some help to you. My colleague's website will help you in identifying if your "find" is a meteorite. Be advised that I operate with the same exact policy as stated in my colleagues website.


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